Q1 – Why do I have to complete a survey?

  1. The download mirror allow us to save bandwith and at the same time keeps our files safe.
  2. Server cost is very high due to high traffic.
  3. Also, we are not using an US host so the cost of the servers is much higher. The survey revenues allows us to pay this cost.

Q2 - I have problems downloading content from this website. What should i do?

Please contact us and let us know in detail what problems are you having.

Q3 – Keygen/hack does not work

You should not worry. We have a team which is online more than 16/24 hours. If the hack/keygen didn’t work for you please contact us so we can update it to latest version asap. Although the chance for a unworking hack or keygen is less than 5%

Q4 - I want a game to be hacked. Can i make a request?

Yes! You can request hack or keygen and we will add it on your list.

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