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XCOM: Enemy Within
Production set in XCOM world, in which aggressive aliens attacked residents of the Earth, and a defence of the mankind is setting the player. The title is a big extension for the XCOM: Enemy Within  with UFO being based on a cultic game: Enemy Unknow from 1994.

XCOM: Enemy Within are a big addition to the XCOM game: Enemy Unknow. A studio well-known to Firaxis Games is responsible for a game from among others from the Sid Meier's Civilization V. The production is entering quite a lot of news into the play. Among others next weapons, improvements, maps, abilities, a content allocated to shared gameses and not only were made available.

A next class of the soldier is one of most important gossip - Trooper Moss which is using a flame-thrower. In order to gain access to it, one should at first build the special building. We are sending one of our charges to him which is losing one's current abilities, but is making a profit brand new. 

Title, in version intended to computers PC, requires the XCOM: Enemy Unknow. On console tables a Commander edition is available, into composition which, apart from the basic version and the Within Clysis, are accessing also two DLC additions for - Elite Soldier Pack and Slingshot Content Pack.

XCOM: Enemy Within Ultra Graphic

XCOM: Enemy Within Monster and Enemy

XCOM: Enemy Within New Spells and great characters

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