The Walking Dead: 400 Days Download Full + Crack [SKIDROW/Multi5]

The Walking Dead: 400 Days
The Walking Dead: 400 is DLC for the first season of the episodic adventure game The Walking Dead studio Telltale Games. The Walking Dead studia Telltale Games.
Extension adds an additional chapter of the game. He talks about the first 400 days after the outbreak of an epidemic that has transformed the majority of the human population into bloodthirsty zombies. Follow events from the perspective of five new characters, each of them received their own history, so they can choose the order in which they play. All, however, revolve around a truck stop, located next to the exit of one of the highways in the state of Georgia.
Just like the basic version of The Walking Dead, the addition of 400 Days is quite a unique adventure because of the low amount of logic puzzles. The game is suddenly a handful of puzzles, and most of them are rather simple. Instead, the game is so mainly on the exploration of the site, conducting interviews and making tough decisions that drive the story in a different direction. From time to time, there are also simple arcade sequences. Interestingly, the decisions made by us in the process of changing the basic version of The Walking Dead have an impact on events in the Appendix. However, the choices made in 400 Days will shape some of the threads in the future scenes of the series.

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