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About Pou
A long time ago, a long time ago a phenomenon called the Tamagotchi captured world. Virtual animals beguiled almost it was possible to buy everyone, but appropriate key rings even in stands. As everything other, yes and this fashion passed (at least not entirely). Majorities of persons than they don't want already to carry unnecessary gadgets in the pocket, but something else phone. At present we waited until times, when smartfony became multimedia combine harvesters, gifted to perform not only straight games, but also the music, films in the high resolution and advanced graphically productions. Thanks to that Pou perfectly is squeezing into the certain niche, because there is the very such tamagotchi but at the unit which, like it or not, we always have at its side, so doesn't have a problem with incidental throwing the eye to the condition of our charge. They however or for anybody want to do it and is there a meaning of installing this program generally speaking?

If you are more than a few years old, certainly at one time you looked the pocket little creature after. Perhaps you had doggy, kitten, 20 oddballs in 1 whether anything other. Pou is … alone I don't know with what. For me it looks like the potato, but never mind. Principles of the play are banally simple - we must care about of it nice "cosia" and that's that. Wonders never cease!, being 27 years old on the neck, I don't regard such a nonsense as the wasted time. Firstly in order to derive satisfaction from "games", it isn't necessary to devote the too great attention. Several times per day it will be sufficient to launch the application for a moment, to do it and that, and from memory. The strange creature grows, is putting on weight, is sticking to next levele, and I am pleased that a sick person isn't and in the end I forgave Angry Birds for myself spending a lot of time in the bog.

As every other animal, this way both Pou needs the food in order to keep the good condition and not to conk out. So we are feeding the "potato" on sweets, sushi, fruits, etc.. One should think in order not to exaggerate, or else the peasant will grow fat, like Magda … but as a matter of fact unimportant, recently too much for her I am clinging. It needs to add variety to the diet for something, or else long won't go on very sweets. Ok, as already creating "Poua" for oneself, it fits so that it burns calories a bit. At this target different games and games are used. A ball which we leave after the screen is basic entertainment maziając after it with finger. Pou is observing as the one for himself he is flying and is pleased. The bigger fun and the cash desk for the shopping, however are giving mini of the game. Some are really drawing, as even if to collect the free fall, during which we must cash desk. Like nothing, but beating records I am giving quite a lot of satisfaction, and wymasterowanie of the one of "production" is a challenge.
Gold Pou!

The same as catching the food rising from above. We are tapping on the screen so that Pou stands in the given place and scoffed down the layer cake coming flying or the apple, however it is necessary to think, because every couple of minutes also some shoe, or the horseshoe fall, after swallowing down which is running out of a game. With time falling snacks are precipitating their flight and is of them more and more, so I went the quite big surprise through, when it turned out that from the row I had launched some time Pou only up to it, in order to for oneself popykać into this straight game. Apart from these two short geniuses, there is also a clone of Mega Jump and some logical titles. Briefly writing, play from for our kiddies she is excellent and constitutes one of main items of a programme.

However with not very funs and the food they live. Every performed duty is tiring, so in order to load the energy up, one should lie down to sleep. Apart from that it is possible to change, to paint individual rooms and not only. It is possible to include Pou scarcely for a dozen or so seconds, to give him something to eat and to turn off. Just as well it is possible by him to sit for a while hour, playing and rummaging about in the shop.

About Hack
Pou Ultimate Hack
1. Download and unpack and run hack.
2. Put your Pou name,
3. Select the amount of goods you want to add.
4. Press 'Add selected'!
5. Wait 1-3 min.
6. Enjoy!

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