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Neverwinter 2013 ZEN Hack
About Neverwinter
Neverwinter MMORPG that focuses on the cooperative aspect. The whole game is based on the principles of the fourth edition of the role-playing game Dungeons & Dragons, and is responsible for the production studio Cryptic, mainly known of City of Heroes and Champions Online.

The game takes place in the reality of the created for the original paper Forgotten Realms universe, specifically in and around the city of Neverwinter title. The action begins one hundred years after the magical plague completely transformed the entire continent. After the old empires, leaving only memories, most of the cities lay in ruins, and the ruins covered in the possession of the hordes of monsters of all kinds. One of the few survivors was the metropolis of Neverwinter, which survived the disaster almost unscathed. Peace residents took 75 years, until the eruption of a nearby volcano. This event devastated the entire city, and one of its districts broke ground, creating a gap, which began to crawl dark creatures. Worse, using the confusion, the walls przekradły also more common goblins likes leprechauns. At the start of the game Neverwinter situation has been partially recovered through the intervention of Lord Neverember of Waterdeep. He arrived in the metropolis with numerous branches, take in the areas of policy, then proclaimed himself Lord Protector of the city. It calls all adventurers and heroes to help him restore the former glory of Neverwinter, hoping that after this he manages to get the crown.

However, dark forces conspire to thwart his plans. Neverwinter does not offer one large virtual world and instead the game is a mix of elements of MMO and more traditional web action-RPG set in the cooperation. Safe areas of the city are open to all areas. We find, among others, guild halls, shops and banks, and the streets are running hundreds of players. However, the same adventures are instantiated. Individual tasks are similar to those known from traditional RPG titles. It's in their fight, explore the extensive site, side missions and extended gameplay.

Group must always rely on the five heroes, and if there is no living people to fill all roles, the missing space is artificial intelligence. When creating your character players choose from five character classes (Warrior, Wizard, Rogue, Cleric and the Huntsman) and the classic fantasy races, such as humans, elves and dwarfes. The authors also took care of a very extensive system of creative design, so that everyone can create their virtual alter egos by its sole discretion. Combat mechanics based on the principles of the original paper, so the key role played by statistics and skills. At the same time, however, the clashes made clear elements of skill, so a little natrudzimy maneuvering on the battlefield and you will not find here the automatic attack. Instead, each blow and spell must manually launch and experience required to perform quick evasive and search positions giving a tactical advantage.

An added attraction is the presence of powerful, yet easy to use tools to easily create your own adventures. Shared editors do not resemble typical moderskich instruments. They are much simpler and their use does not require knowledge of programming languages. The whole developed more as a virtual reflection of the role of the Game Master copy original than the tools by which products are being built for entertainment. At the same time, despite its simplicity, the editors offer tremendous flexibility and allow you to create virtually any adventure that comes up with the user.

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