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MotoGP 13 is another scene of series of simulators of motor races, created on the basis of the formal licence of the Motorcycle world championships. For her authors are an Italian Milestone studio, known above all from its racing WRC cycles and SBK. this second approach towards the MotoGP mark of this team is, because earlier he answered too deweloping MotoGP 8.
In the game for single player available there are five ways of the games. In the mode first prize we are participating in the isolated competition, to begin with choosing one of official teams, the competitor, the route, weather conditions and the category of the race. In World Championship however we are proving our abilities while lasting the entire Championships which depending on our choice are counting from 4 to 18 for themselves of races. Time Attack enables everyone willing working with opponents from the entire world, because get good results of routes matter-of-fact in frames are being published on a formal ranking list. Through the mode of the Career we are impersonating the novice competitor, which only is taking his first steps in the MotoGP competition. at first we are leading him through preliminaries, then initial races next to reach for the championship title. Additionally, with the help Real in-game we can be overcome a participation in events which really took place on MotoGP paths Events 2013.

In frames of held licence laws, in the game we will see all official routes and the participants well-known for the MotoGP 2013 season. Moreover the available content systematically is being updated based on real events from paths.
MotoGP 13 is using new engine what is being transferred for distinct streamlining all important components of the game - of the graphics, physics, the manner of the inspection of the motor, models of surroundings and sound.
The multiplayer MotoGP 13 mode offers, apart from traditional gameses the first prize and the Season Sprint, possibility of the shared play of two persons with one screen.

Screenshots from game:
MotoGP 13 - Speed!

MotoGP 13 - I'm winner!

MotoGP 13 - What is this?

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