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Divinity: Dragon Commander 
Divinity: Dragon Commander is original blend RTS-a, of strategy turowej and action games. It is also a first contact with strategies of the Belgian Larian studio which so far was known above all from the cRPG manufacture of games (Divinity cycle). Divinity action: the Commander Dragoon is taking place in the universe created by the studio for the purposes of Divinity series and is telling about events taking place for ages before the ones which authors portrayed in Divinity II. the Player is playing the young dragon's knight, of powerful gifted warrior for the exchange into the dragon which is fighting over Rivellonu surviving after his father, king, a murder victim is staying. World which we will happen to get to know during the games, is an unconventional matrimony of known fantasy schemes with the advanced technology. Authors drew him inspiration around steampunkowej and dieselpunkowej stylisticses.

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The games consists of three bodies. In first from them we are impersonating the commander-in-chief, residing in one of flying fortresses of the Empire. It here we can seek advice of advisers and to pick the different scale up politically motivated decisions which influence the subsequent development of the entire campaign.
The second part of the game is a map strategic, fulfilling the same role as her equivalent in Total series Strike or in the Risk on a chart. Using the map we can look down at the entire world, to plan next actions and to extend and to deploy the army. In the mode turowym we are moving our powers and the operations room from the province to the province, as well as we are deciding on direction of the next offensive and soil we want to seize which for enemies.

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A screen of the battle is the third part of the game. In skirmishes carried on at sea, land and in air battle machines of different kind and title dragons are participating. During clashes we can directly manage the single unit from a perspective of the third person or also to deal with commanding with the entire army. In the first case, as the commander-in-chief under the figure of the wild beast smelling of the fire, we are flying freely all over the three-dimensional battlefield, using our exceptional abilities, while the large portion of the weight of managing units is falling on computer AI. what important, along with progress in the game we can develop our form as this way as in traditional RPG games. in the second mode, way giving orders and getting about the battlefield, resembles traditional RTS-y in the StarCrafta style.
Apart from the campaign singleplayer and with isolated missions, we can check our powers also in network skirmishes intended for maximum four persons.

Core 2 Duo 2.6 GHz, 4 GB RAM, karta grafiki 512 MB (GeForce 8800 GT lub lepsza), 30 GB HDD, Windows XP(SP3)/Vista/7

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