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Deadpool: The Video Game
Deadpool: The a Game Video is a joint effort of the High studio Moon and of Activision concern Marvel Comics companies leaned under licence. The production is the first full-dimension game all at the same time with the title hero in the main part (earlier Deadpool turned up as the supporting figure among others at Marvel vs Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds and Spider-Man: Shattered Divisions). For the Deadpool script: the Game Video corresponds to The Daniel Way, co-author of comic books of such series as cartoon as Wolverine: Origins, Deadpool and Starr the Slayer. Kidnapping employees of the High studio is an admission to the plot Moon. Deadpool which is demanding creating the best game about superheroes from developers turns out to be the kidnapper with him alone in the main part.

In the course of the play players are keeping up with vicissitudes of the hero which undertakes to kill Chance'a White'a, of corrupted media magnate. For him however a Sinister Mister is thwarting plans what quite a lot of money costs Deadpoola. The mercenary wants to take revenge. So he is fitting for the cooperation with X-Menami and is staying sent on Genoshę, island of mutants, where Sinister is collecting the new DNA wanting to use them for the Creation of new army. Authors put for themselves behind the target so that the Deadpoola form was possibly faithful for cartoon prototype. Talkative anti-hero, of which a player is managing actions, so was given a sarcastic sense of humour, unstable morally with character and simultaneously with killingly effective abilities of eliminating opponents.

Games of Deadpool: The Game Video is held in the style dynamic hack'n'slasha with the view from the perspective of the third person (TPP). The title hero was equipped with the weaponry characteristic of oneself - a few handguns and two katany, in addition to use types other, come across on their road of the weapon perhaps also (e.g. hammers). The fight is set to the competent join of isolated attacks into spectacular combinations. Interaction is an interesting element of the games with the main character (determined popularly as breaking the "fourth wall"). In determined Deadpool situations he is turning directly to the player e.g. teaching new combosów, instructing how to be able to lift .. just with opponents or commenting on wydarzenia.Do of undoubted advantages of the game a presence of other figures, known very well for enthusiasts of comic books is included (among others Wolverine, Psylocke, Dominoes, Cable and Arclight) and the situational humour and funny remarks given by the main character.

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